Jon Raymond Bio

During college is when I first began my study of the non-objective abstraction. My concept when working in this style is that I’m painting a visual structure that has never been seen before, out of elements that may be recognizable. I am inventing an image that has never existed. My compositions are based from letters, but the “recognizable elements” that I borrow from are basically mechanical/technical components. 

Working with Still Life, Landscapes, Fauvism, Impressionism, all of these contributed to my talent for abstract painting. However, I think the most important thing that I learned from working in all styles is the blending and mixing of color. Color makes all the difference in a non-objective abstraction. It opens up depth, dimensions, and emotions…the more color the better! Color also teaches you control. People have this misconception that all abstract painters simply throw paint on a canvas, and some do. But my paintings REALLY ARE something, and it takes control and order to harness all that color and energy into a believable image.

While working on Abstract subject ideas, I realized that a good abstract has to come from good realism first. It was at this time that my love for landscape realism emerged. Working back and forth with the two genres of art has kept my painting fresh and exciting.