Nicole Finger Bio

“Food, as the ultimate universal and inclusive subject matter, is loaded with personal memory and attachments. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of elevating ordinary subjects through art. As sweets and baked goods, in particular, have become ever more taboo in our societal concerns over health, these images are almost reminiscent of idolatry or fossils of a past time in our memories and thus elevated even more.

The larger than life size and drama of the subjects emphasize the fantasy quality they had over us as children and the temptation they represent both literally and figuratively as adults. Although each work has a tendency to find its own personified character in the process of painting; evoking an emotional response without imposing any particular statement is my goal. Preserving and expressing the physical properties of the paint while pursuing a high level of realistic detail is the balance in which I strive.”

Nicole Finger has painted her entire life. She earned a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Colorado and is a full-time artist working in her studio in Telluride, Colorado. Her work has been featured in several solo shows, publications and public, corporate and private collections.