Rick Brunner Bio

Rick Brunner was born in the mid-fifties in New Orleans, Louisana. Introduced to woodworking by his father and to art by his mother, Brunner grew to discover his own sculptural talents. His passion for creating three-dimensional objects as a boy coupled with the culturally rich influences of growing up in South Louisiana led him to pursue a career in art. After receiving his master’s degree in sculpture at the University of Notre Dame, he returned to work in Louisiana and learned the craft of furniture making as well. Brunner’s sculpture and furniture have been exhibited across the country in both regional and national level art galleries and museums for the past thirty-five years.

Artist Statement:

“From a formal perspective, I don’t invent shapes so much as discover them. When these forms engage me enough, I appropriate them and integrate them with my choice of materials, mostly woods, combining other materials whose intrinsic values fit my purpose. Often these shapes seem primitive yet comfortable, as though they come from dreams or a prior existance. Plant forms, insect shapes, and their skeletal remains intrigue me. I believe nature to be the boldest of designers.”

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